What mattress protector do you use?

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Tilburg, Netherlands

What mattress protector do you use?

Hi all


I've tried a couple of mattress protectors, all of which are mostly made of polyester, but I was not happy with them because all of them had very poor thermal regulation and made me sweat at night, so I didn't want to use them with my guests. However, I do need to protect my mattress from accidental spills. Can you recommend anything? From IKEA maybe (as I'm not from the US/EU)?



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@Serge69  These are the ones I use a little pricy, but they work great no matter what the temp is and are bed bug proof. They are from Amazon so readily available to you also. 




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A little pricey??  Holy cow


I am replacing mattress protectors very often due to blood being left behind. Do these wash nicely? I am going broke.

@Lynn1109  Are you aware of how to get blood stains out in general? 


You have to soak the item in cold water for awhile. Like a couple hours, not 5 minutes. Then pour hydroxen peroxide over the stain. (Some people swear by Oxiclean or other products) If the blood is fresh, sometimes just the cold water soaks it out.

You might have to do this a couple of times. Once the stain is gone, just wash as normal.


Washing anything with blood stains in hot water just cooks the stain in so it never comes out.


Do you use a mattress protector on top of that?  I’ve seen some that do so they can be easily washed after each guest...I presume incase people sweat through the sheets.   

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Hoi Serge, 


I use the GÖKÄRT Mattress protector from Ikea. I road tested them, and they don't increase the sweating for us. Guests often compliment us on the gezelligheid of our bed. 


They have a waterproof layer and then a jersey layer, which helps.

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Serge, This is going to sound like a I own a bedding shop but, I spent a good amount of money on the bed so I have gone to considerable lengths to protect it!

I have a strange list of items on my listing bed but I use them for a reason. From the mattress up, in this order....

A/. I first have a fitted valance and a 25mm foam overlay.

B/.  A fitted flannelette sheet.

C/. Then I have a good quality queen size fitted electric blanket for those who like to have a warm bed to get into on a cold night.

D/.  I then have a flat sheet on top of that.

E/.  I then use my mattress protector, I am very concerned about damage to my especially made mattress and the electric blanket. I have a good quality protector fitted and then, if infants are coming I have the option of putting  a cheap protector over that. Both of them are fitted so they sit well on the bed without crinkling up, even when guests raise the head or the foot of the bed.

F/. I then have a good quality woollen blanket, and fitted overlay sheet before coming to the fitted sheet set the guests actually sleep on.

The blanket seems to be the secret Serge, it does take away that synthetic plastic feel of the mattress protectors and no guest has ever complained in either summer or winter. After each guest I wash from the overlay sheet up so it is almost like washing two sets of linens each time, and although it seems like a lot of work to go to, my bed is the centrepiece of my listing and I go to a lot of effort to make sure it feels just right and almost all guest praises it and say it is as good a nights sleep as they have ever had.

There have been a few occasions where some 'liquid' has managed to make it's way down to the woollen blanket, but nothing has ever managed to penetrate the mattress protector.

The only thing that suffers a bit with all this addition mattress covering is the beds massage function but guests still rate it as a pass!



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I use a silentnight 100% cotton bed mattress protector which is machine washable and can be tumble dried.


Other good brands apart from Silentnight and Fogarty.

I also use zipped quilted 100% cotton cushion pillow case protectors made by Silentnight and put cotton pillowcases over them.


Another brand is Highlife which does a zippered anti bed bug mattress protector which I've seen on Amazon.

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Tilburg, Netherlands

Thanks everyone, lots of helpful tips 🙂 Cheers!

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@Serge69, I use any at all, the Ikea one is fine. The important thing is that it fits and is waterproof. On top of it before the sheets go on I use a fitted woolen underlay, which is designed for this purpose. That can go in the machine if need be, don't need to protect. I don't use quite as many layers as Robin but it is roughly the same principle. My electric blanket can be washed too. You can get cotton underlays or use a blanket like Robin, the quality qoolen ones are not cheap but are amazing year round.


Winter, in order of appearance:


mattress protector

electric blanket

woolen underlay

sheets as normal from here




mattress protector

woolen underlay (works beautifully for keeping cool in summer too, multiseason)

sheets as normal from here

Can you link your woolen underlay? 

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We use SafeRest mattress protector: https://www.amazon.com/SafeRest-Hypoallergenic-Waterproof-Mattress-Protector/dp/B003PWNH4Q/ref=sr_1_...


It's waterproof, doesn't change the feel of the mattress and it works - plus a decent price. Since we're on the topic of mattresses, I also order my mattress on Amazon. Signature Sleep contour mattress: https://www.amazon.com/Signature-Sleep-Mattress-Queen-Mattresses/dp/B004LQ1RKQ/ref=sr_1_5?dchild=1&k...


Our guests like the mattresses and we've never had much complaints about them. They're durable mattresses and last a while.