Which insurance company insures airbnb property in Canada

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Toronto, Canada

Which insurance company insures airbnb property in Canada

My current insurance company has informed me that they will not insure my property if I host it short-term through websites like AirBnB. I'm looking for insurance companies that do exactly that. Can someone in Canada mention a few that don't have problems with airbnb rentals?





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TD Meloche Monex just cancelled mine too. 


I looked into a few brokers and online companies that claimed to offer coverage for AirBNB's and found HUB International was the best.  The broker I worked with quoted a number of companies and came up with what felt like the best quotes compared to the others I received.  My airbnb's are in Manitoba.  In my case, the premiums were about 35% higher insuring AirBNB's than for regular long term rental coverage.

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@Sepand0 I've heard that Square One will insure hosts in Canada.

unfortunately they're not licensed in all jurisdictions yet.

And if you provide ANY food (breakfast fixings), they will not insure you. 

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I've just had the same issue with my insurance company (TD Meloche Monnex) and am scrambling to find another insurance compnay that will provide property insurance.  


Any other Canadians out there who have found a company??




I have just found a short-term rental policy from Premier Marine Insurance. From the policy: "HOME SHARING - OWNER OCCUPIED WITH SHORT-TERM RENTALS BINDER". It is still, IMO overpriced at $1740. for my particular policy (about $700 over my previous policy for a detached single family home) but far better than the $3300 I was quoted from another company. Hopefully, the industry is beginning to catch up and more competition will produce more competitive prices in the next couple of years. At least, it is the right coverage. Last year I was sold Bed & Breakfast insurance but it turns out that does NOT cover you if you allow guests to use the kitchen. Every situation is different, rental in your home, secondary, vacation home, separate building on same property so you have to be really clear what you are offering and have your agent ask questions if there is anything you find ambiguous. For example, the application form asked if I served food. I generally don't but I have asked my agent to find out whether it is a problem if I leave cookies, muffins, tea or coffee for guests or if  I were to invite a guest to share a meal. Also, is it okay to let a guest borrow a bicycle? Not sure, I have done so in the past but now will wait to hear what the reply is and what are the possible consequences. 

It looks interesting and I would have liked to be in Canada. because you have some (expensive) insurance options. In Europe and more exactly in Italy I have still not found anything. I have to say that the Airbnb host guarantee got worst and did not cover the lost of one bike during a guest stay this summer and we had to buy a new one.

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I am having a similar insurance problem with TD  Meloche Monnex.  Any update on alternative options?  I have been their client for over 20 years but will will have to move due to their policies.  

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Aviva Insurance now offer some homeowner insurance with coverage for short term rentals. I am insured with them. And the cost end s up being less than I was paying Meloche before. 

I am having the same issue at this end. In 2015 I had a frozen 1/4" pipe that caused $14K damage (first incident in 20 odd years) and so far the broker can only provide insurance that does not include this. Nice. I've told her I'm prepared to pay over and above for this, so I will keep you posted.


Apparently Aviva, Square 1, and APRIL also insure Airbnb's. 

I'm having similar issues. I live in an older downtown Row House and Aviva doesn't cover row houses.  My place has been totally renovated with full firewall etc. - but they don't care.


I'm renting a single room - that goes for about 30 bucks a night... So paying another 700 bucks a year, isn't viable. I'm better off not to host at all.


Anyone else found other options?

Hi Sandra, I'm curious, did you purcahse that direct from Aviva, or through an insurance broker?  I found the Aviva website describing their AirBnB coverage and providing an estimate of cost based on your current homeowner's premium, but you then have to click a "find a broker" button.

My quote for aviva was crazy high.  they insisted I transfer all 3 properties just to get the airbnb property.  My insurance for the 3 properties doubled.... even thought the airbnb house is small and currently only represents 20% of my premium.....  My broker suggested I continue looking for smaller insurance company  for one off policy


Check with SONNET https://www.sonnet.ca/about-us


Also SquareOne . https://www.squareoneinsurance.com/(but not if you offer guests any food, such as breakfast yogurts) 


Also HUB . https://www.hubinternational.com/en-CA/personal-insurance-products/

Be very careful with Sonnet. My property premium was $240/ month for the first year. Just got my first renewal from them, same policy is now $200 more expensive. $440 a month is insane!!!!