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I have exported the years booking history and the file is totally unworkable as the date format is mixed between multiple formats. I want to unify the date to DD/MM/YYYY so that I can file the correct years revenue with the tax authorities. Why does Airbn... Latest reply by Paul-and-Dawn0
Hello Community, we would like seek out for some help here, since it is an urgent matter. Our payout has been paused for more 2 weeks since October 23, 2022 for unknown reason, at first the support team said that we needed to provide some account document... Latest reply by Sudsrung0
My payout was paused since September, Ive been calling airbnb super host support almost every week and they cant give me an answer. They keep saying call back or we will contact you. I uploaded the Id that they needed. Im losing patience and hope to get m... Latest reply by Niña3
Hi Lizzie so pleased I found you , I’m hosting in Cape Town Table View ; I had to change my bank as funds were taken out fraud squad advice ; but I can’t get any help from support group to lead me in that direction ; my bank and account are completely dif... Latest reply by Emilie