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I've posted some of the sordid details in another posting -the saga continues. My question to you all. Have you been able to get Airbnb to reimburse you for fees detailed in your House Rules? Three unauthorized guests on the property - new lock/keys. ... Latest reply by Cherie71
My nightly price is $150 & I am on smart pricing. But looking at next year from February on it has increased to $175 a night. How do I change this without going into each individual day to do so? Is it changing the price by itself? Thanks for any help. Latest reply by Mike-And-Jane0
What do hosts charge if guest want to hold an event on the property 12-35 people. We have a pergola with swings, chairs fire pit and grill. **[E-mail address removed - Community Center Guidelines] Latest reply by Gwen386
Buna.Ma puteți ajuta și pe mine cu o nelămurire?Daca eu am un preț fix pe noapte de ce cei care vor sa închirieze pentru mai mult timp plătesc mai puțin de jumătate din preț?Trebuie sa setez ceva undeva?Multumesc anticipat pentru eventualele răspunsuri. Latest reply by Emiel1
I am renting out my villa in tuscany since 6 months now and I noticed that people want to have extra service on site. I am also living in the villa, but in a secluded part where nobody has acces. Guests text me that they want me to prepare coffee or cham... Latest reply by Huma0
Hi there! We use rule sets to help with our pricing strategy and love this feature. However, one consistent pain point: duplicating rule sets can take time. For example, say I want to modify a rule set that allows no discounts for stays under 2 weeks ... Latest reply by Emiel1
What is the best way to offer family and friends a discount every time they book with us? It looks like the only way to do this is to review each and every booking request and apply a special offer to any from people we know personally - is there anothe... Latest reply by Helen744