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Here's a recent posting: TAR & VN (Transient Accommodation Rentals & Vacation Nodes) Zoom meeting on 11/21/22. Here is the link to the draft amendment to Rule 23/Bill 108 of 2018. More restrictive to include hosted rentals and the fees are hefty. https://... Latest reply by Michael1186
I have exported the years booking history and the file is totally unworkable as the date format is mixed between multiple formats. I want to unify the date to DD/MM/YYYY so that I can file the correct years revenue with the tax authorities. Why does Airbn... Latest reply by Paul-and-Dawn0
If you are the HOST on a listing and 90% of the payout goes to the property owner and you receive 10% for doing all the bookings and correspondence, will 10% of the earnings appear on your 1099 or the other 90% appear on the owner's 1099?o If you receive ... Latest reply by Mike-And-Jane0
Hello, Our non-profit would like to use Airbnb for staff accommodation when traveling. As a non-profit we should be tax exempt and I am having a difficult time signing up as our organization. How do I do that and how can I make sure we are tax exempt once...
I leased my property in Jamaica to a couple who expressed an interest to buy. The lease was 3 years and expired 2021, I then gave them an extension of 1 year by email due to the pandemic which expired 8th May 2022. On 17th May I told the couple I no longe... Latest reply by Huma0