BBQ Grills - Buy a good one or not?

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BBQ Grills - Buy a good one or not?

I am in the process of setting up my vacation house as an Airbnb.  I just bought the house and I'm purchasing furnishings for it.  My issue is that I plan on using it myself half the time with friends and family and renting it out the other half.  While I want to purchase nice things for the house to enjoy myself, I also know things will be used and possibly abused by the renters.  Specifically, I am in the process of buying a BBQ - If I love BBQ's and buy a nice one ($800) would it be a waste since it may get abused and just get a cheap one instead?  What are your experiences with how people treat the BBQ?

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New York, NY

@Matthew1275  An understandable dilemma.  I use my place myself, too, and won't enjoy my visits if there's a lot of cheap crap around.  So go for the things you want to use and adjust your nightly rate accordingly.  You'll get better guests who will be used to nice things and will know how to treat them.

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