Escalate a complaint

Escalate a complaint

I want to know how to escalate a complaint,


I have a so called case manager- **, who is meant to be dealing with my complaint regarding a refund to my credit card, which is not happening.


Does anyone know where I can go from here are there any legal bodies I can approach, ombudsman, etc


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Hi Bhumika 

I seriously hope you can help me to escalate my issue. Like others, I have been trying to seek help for almost a month regarding a guest who is extremely aggressive, made multiple violations and always trying to play defensive by contacting Airbnb and making unreasonable requests.

Every time I tried to contact Airbnb, a new person gets involved who has no clue, does look at the message trail and all they are doing is escalating which still doesn’t resolved.

The guest expects something that not as per City of Toronto by-law standards, e.g. my property has central heating and cooling systems. He is asking access to control it personally. I believe his intention is not transparent. 
I am just surprised like others to receive this kind of host support from Airbnb. We are paying for it, it’s not free.

Every day it is getting stressful to deal with him. He has something or other ever day. He has issue if my co-host responds to him. Since I live upstairs, it’s even difficult to deal with.

Please escalate to the right department so it’s get resolved. 


This is a consistent problem.  I am on the phone with Airbnb almost every day with issues that one ambassador does not know what the other one is doing.  They are all in off shore countries and sit at a phone and are not qualified.  It is a nightmare.  Keep calling and hope you get someone who will assist you without bringing up that you have chatted with others.

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Oh, welcome to my world. Airbnb closed down one of my listings that’s been going for 7 years and is a major part of my income, without even telling me. I must’ve phoned about 30 times last week, and spoken to tens of clueless representatives, often with poor English, always badly trained. No continuity. Explaining the same thing to countless of them. Then closing the case over and over before any explanation or resolution. No procedure for escalation or complaints. Terrible. They should be ashamed, a company that big and rich and that badly run. 

Hello. They shutdown one of my listings too! We’re u able to get a response or resolution. 

Definitely!! And it seems that there is nothing we can apart of just stop using airbnb... 

Unfortunately this will never get sorted. I've been trying to use aircover for 2 months because the guest broke my £150 hoover and airbnb says it was due to wear and tear (hoover was 6 months old). Every time they escalate to someone and close the case after 5 or 10 minutes without any further feedback. They are a scam 

I agree with you 100%. I have the same situation with a guest that has stayed with me and they caused over $3000 in damage. Airbnb requested me to go through the resolution center which I have I sent them all the information needed to get the repairs done I was assigned to Brenda my case resolution person I have emailed her seven times and I still have not received any correspondence back from her. This is totally unacceptable for anybody who has a super host matter fact for anybody who has a customer or a vendor of Airbnb. 

Social media.. PS..happy to drop Airbnb and rent direct. Airbnb is a scam 

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Sorry I can’t help with your issue but I have the same problem of lack of accountability and escalation routes.


We are stuck in an Airbnb after having reported an issue 5 days ago.  I have telephoned every day and messaged repeatedly but now my previous chat threads have been closed.  We were told to pack up yesterday as we’d be moved today and have heard nothing since.


I have asked for a supervisor but every call centre person I speak to asks me to go back to the beginning of the issue.  

I have looked for escalation options and there are none it seems.

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Same here, I called almost everyday in past two months no one look into my case or call me back, very bad service.

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I am experiencing a similar issue and would like to escalate my case to one specialist or supervisor, but over two months nearly hundreds of calls, without any follow-up or update about fixing an Airbnb system glitch, the support personnel only read their scripts and replied same will will will, then they disappeared when you call again same loop repeat, no one can trust include who present as a supervisor.

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Hello @Josh2222, I am sorry about this. 


As you have commented on an older thread, can you please share more details about your situation by starting a new conversation with our members? This way, we will get to know more about the issue and may be our members can help with some insights into your situation.

Thank you.



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I am having trouble getting paid.  how did you work it out

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Registration license has been issued by the city and submitted to Airbnb, but the Airbnb system shows 'pending' to WHAT???

The same license works for another listing and Vibo.