Fraud Airbnb Alert

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Paris, France

Fraud Airbnb Alert

Who is dealing with a very serious fraud linked to international Airbnb bookings?

There's a pimping network using Airbnb in several countries (Airbnb doesn't know about it, of course!).


Qui s'occupe des fraudes très graves liées aux réservations Airbnb ?

Il y a un réseau international de proxénétisme qui utilise les Airbnb dans plusieurs pays

(Airbnb n'est pas au courant bien entendu !)

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England, United Kingdom

@David12153 what is the fraud and how does it work?

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Bristol, United Kingdom

The police deal with fraud and prostitution in most countries speak to them @David12153 

it is a very large prostitution trade in several countries. They go through Airbnb. The Police refuse to carry out an investigation even though I have a lot of information about this network.


Is there a specialized department at Airbnb that conducts an internal investigation??

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Sacramento, CA

Hello I have an international listing in Mexico. Can you please tell me more information on what is happening? Let me know what I have to do to protect my account.