How can I handle the Society Management in Mumbai, India?

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Ahmedabad, India

How can I handle the Society Management in Mumbai, India?

Has anyone faced any resitance from neighbours or the Society management? If yes, how did you handle that?

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Hi @Tina20,


Most societies believe that "Society laws are above any Government laws and no law can infringe Society bye-laws".

I had a flat that I had rented to some students in Pune, the society said that Bachelors weren't allowed but I knew they cannot impose any such restrictions, so they issue was standing. Later these guys adopted a pet dog. This time they called for a meeting and sent me a notice that Bachelors and Pets and Foreign Nationals were prohibited. I didn't pay much heed, so they decided to file a complaint, which worked in my favour, because our constitution doesn't discrimate and so one is allowed to rent out property to anyone as long as we have completed all formalities and police verifications. 


Socities are unware of the laws and try to bully sometimes. So just get some printouts of the material on the GJ Tourism site and your other registrations and furnish it to them. Find out the bye-laws in your region, I read differnt views on bye-laws. A society can follow the bye-laws it has adopted during registration however these laws cannot override constitutional laws. Since you have 3 listings, I assume you are putting a lot of thime into this, I'd suggest seek help of a lawyer to end this matter once and for all. So that you can peacefull carry on with your hosting 🙂


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Hi Sanjeev,


Yes I second that. I am on the verge of shutting down my beautiful Airbnb flat near Imagica, Mumbai due to society issue. Apparantly they have this problem with girls visiting and  staying in my flat wearing short dresses and bringing alcohol to my flat I have been told this verbally very sternly by the society managing committee members. But in emails they are disguising this mindset and want me to shut as they said and I quote "you are engaging in commercial activity in a residential township, so you need stop these unethical practices otherwise we will call the police and lock your flat". I need help from an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer to deal with this matter. Please help if you can🙏

Hello I’m from Pune and Hosting a Airbnb apartment there, My society has restricted me to list on airbnb and they threatened me to restrict my guest entries. Can anyone help me with solution or any lawyer who can help me in this?

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