How can I increase sales?

How can I increase sales?

How can I increase my airbnb sales? Dear homeowners, What should we do to increase your sales? Where and on which platforms should we market? With whom and which companies should we make an agreement? How did you increase your sales? I'm waiting for your advice! Stay with love.

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That is what I have been trying to achieve.

I have hired a management company, I have subscribed to IA type of pricing, I have reduced the pricing, I had professional photographers twice, my home is not even occupied 20% of the time even though we live in a very affluent area with tourist hub, Manly the second largest Beach in Sydney Australia. 
I am looking forward to hear suggestions to you and I, incase I have left stone unturned. 

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the question is more for your team as we are at the mercy of your system and the rotation of visibility . If clients can't see us they can't book us . Your algorithm needs a boost or adjustment . I have the lowest price in Las Vegas for a house of my size and I have no bookings all summer . Granted I'm only long term.

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Be loyal with Airbnb its increase ur rapo n sale too

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Hi, your question is confusing because it's not specific.  Are you asking how to increase your nightly or base rate, achieve more occupancy, or increase your yearly revenue?

There are so many layers to marketing and revenue management. Airbnb does 98% of the marketing for us, which is their competitive advantage. It's a really valuable part of being listed on Airbnb.

However, it does not hurt to have linked social accounts that promote and send traffic to your Airbnb listing. You can use these to inform people about what is happening in your community, things to see, events to attend, places to visit, etc. You have to put on your "tourist hat." It does not need to take over your life.

To increase your nightly rate, you must understand the market your property is in. Hence, all of these additional software tools are popping up. You do not necessarily need them, although they can speed up research. You can do this by just looking at Airbnb from a traveling perspective. Decide on who your competitors are and I also look at local hotel rates especially if you have a 1, 2, or 3 bedroom property. The reality is that short-term stay nightly rates for some guests are being compared to a hotel. You need to know what this is, understand how your home/amenities and value stack up to hotels and other rental properties, and make informed decisions.


As for revenue management, you need to understand your base rate, seasonality, dynamic pricing, who will be renting short-term rentals, and why. Then, you will book your property more quickly for desirable nights. Once you achieve that, you can use or try different strategies to book those gap nights, increasing your overall revenue.


Some of this is psychology and understanding that having a booked night for a good guest is better than an empty night, which equals zero dollars. The market and pricing are always changing.

Also, I recommend making friends with other hosts in your area, even if they are 30 - 60 minutes away from your property. You can learn a lot from each other and learn about what is happening in your area.

Finally, talk to your local tourism director or bureau. Talk to the staff there. Get a sense of tourism in your market. They are the people who talk to all of us, hotels, and other businesses. They have a wealth of information.


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Hello @Can2029, welcome to our community!


This thread has many excellent suggestions. Have you had a chance to read through the Hosts' recommendations?


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Andrea has great suggestions.

But most of us who are happy hosters (I'm a super host) don't have the mindset of instant 'sales'.  

It takes time to be a great host on Airbnb, with reviews and offering a great experience to improve your ranking in the algorithmns.


You can list or promote other platforms, but that increases the complexity of booking calendars etc. I have had some success on VRBO however every booking on there takes away my chance to keep airbnb superhost and high ratings status, and vice versa. So you can't simultaneously keep high rankings on all platforms as they will penalise if the volume is down. You aren't a motel with multiple stock, your stock is a maximum of 1!


And there tends to be a different guest profile on etc. People book on airbnb looking for a safe and secure transaction, a place that is more homely than a motel or hotel, that has a few more features for a little cheaper usually all up. 


You are in the hospitality business, and reviews are everything! Which means focusing on great guest experiences, 'sales' will come as you build. 

Kind regs