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Jefferson County Colorado (Unincorporated) Mountain Area Host Club

Good morning Airbnb Hosts!


I'm interested in starting (or joining) an Airbnb host club specific to the mountain areas of Unincorporated JEFFCO (Evergreen, Conifer, Morison, Golden). 


I've been an Airbnb Superhost in Evergreen for the past couple of years. It's been a great experience hosting families and I have learned so much about the Jefferson County STR permitting process and associated hurdles. I recently navigated two JEFFCO Board of Adjustments for a short term variance in 2023. Both were passed successfully and I subsequently obtained the two STR permits for Evergreen homes. With any luck, I will have another permitted by the end of the year.  The biggest obstacles - NIMBYs and evolving regulations.  





Having a group of hosts to rely upon to support each other with information for the STR process and representation during the BOA hearing would be invaluable.  Jefferson County has continuously told me that regulations changes will be coming - but how and when they are unsure of. As these regulations change and opposition to STRs grows, it would be great to organize our own group to express our proposition to STRs and represent our mountain area property investors that specialize in STRs.  If Jefferson County only hears from the STR NIMBYs. 


If anyone is interested in an informal group, please reach out. 



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Hi @J-L-3 


How are you?


Did you manage to find the Host Club you were looking for?


Just in case you haven't seen it yet, you can look for Host Clubs by heading here.





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I have been hosting for two years and recently received a cease and desist from JeffCo. My property is 0.9 acres and one needs at least an acre in unincorporated Jeffco to operate a STR. I am interested in any efforts to update or challenge these insensible regulations. Anyone else in the same boat?

@Adam1638 I also just received a violation notice after two years and am in unincorporated Jeffco. Am trying to figure out what can be done. I have had no complaints nor understand what problems the county is trying to address.

Did anything come of this letter? What did you end up doing?

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Hi there, I am currently going through the process and would love some help from a fellow host! What is the best way for us to connect? 



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Hey J-L-3 and all, my wife and I own a modest ranch house in Golden Apple Meadows (north of north table) on 0.29acres of land and we have been working to turn our basement unit (2bed, 1 bath, private entrance and garage) into an airbnb. We are on our way home from traveling for 4 months were we rented on Craigs List but want to get immediately started on airbnb when we return in July. 


We've been aware of Unincorporated Jefferson County's regulations for STRs, mainly the 1acre minimum which we do not meet. However, on a recent search of my area there are half a dozen airbnbs listed that do not have 1acre of property, even in my neighborhood. 


I am looking to join a group for support. 


It is my understanding that Jeffco is severely understaffed to regulate STRs and thus violations come about mostly when STR vendors are reported. I am in good standing with my neighbors and this isn't a second home but just our basement we plan to rent for weekends. 


Should I go through the registration process? or should I just let it fly? I'd be curious to hear how those who received C&Ds managed. 


Thank you all. Feel free to reach out! 

Hey Steve,

Just wanted to jump on here and let you know what happened in our situation with JeffCo. We looked for a property specifically for Airbnb purposes. Before closing, we sent the property to JeffCo to confirm it would meet all requirements. About three months after closing on the property, they reached out as we were about halfway through the process of registering as an Airbnb and informed us that the septic tank was too small for an Airbnb (they knew the size of the septic tank when they confirmed the property would pass). After all of that, we decided to push on and launch our Airbnb. Two things happened.

  1. The market in Conifer was just not enough to cash flow. Cleaning fees and maintenance were through the roof due to it being so remote. We lost a lot of money in the first year.

  2. The property finally stabilized in the second year, but then someone reported us and we got a cease and desist in the mail from JeffCo for not having the license. They gave us two weeks to shut down our property. Thankfully, the market had shifted and we rented it for one full year to a tenant that needed a finished property.

All that to say, run your math and see what the difference would be between renting on Airbnb (you may not have cleaning and maintenance fees if you're doing it yourself) and renting to either medium or long-term tenants. Once we rented long term, the property started cash flowing significantly more per month.

I hope this helps you in running your business without the government trying to shut you down. One last thing: I believe because you are not on a full acre, you cannot get the permit (rules might have changed; please check to confirm!). With that in mind, if you choose to fly under the radar, I would not contact JeffCo at all and I would be very careful about posting outside photos of your Airbnb. That way, no one will know where it is actually located.

Sorry you're even having to go through such a terrible process. I would try your best to stay clear of JeffCo unless you're sure you're going to get the permit. They have no idea what they're doing, and it's obviously a very un-American group of people who have been chosen to work there. Sad to see rules like this pop up in our backyard.

Best of luck!

Hey Christopher, thanks for the reply. I will see if I can reach out to some of the local listings around me and see what they have experienced all while keeping in mind your feedback. 


Again, this is the basement unit of our main/only home that we seek only to rent out for weekends when we are out of town. We are doing a mid term rental now while traveling and doing great but it is for the entire house. 


I would think that my scenario would be more tolerable by local regulations (resident renting out partial home vs. out-of-towners coming in and buying houses purely for turnkey STRs) but who the heck knows. 


Thanks for your feedback and good luck on your business! 

Hey Steven, 


I would agree with Christopher regarding the permitting process and cost of operations. The acre is a hard and fast rule for now. New rules have been pending for over a year now so who knows when the changes will actually come. 


Jeffco is understaffed in planning & zoning but there is a vigilant group of anti-str mountain residents who are the ones reporting code violations to JEFFCO. Jeffco then just confirms the complaints, mostly through the airbnb/vrbo ad, and then sends the violation notice.  It is true that most STRs in unincorporated JEFFCO are not permitted and many go on for several years without any issue. 


There's a Facebook group for STR hosts, although I'm not a member.


Has anyone been able to go through the process to get permitted without an acre?  I have sat in on a couple of board meetings and its brutal.  As soon as a STR is mentioned the board asks that they monitor that property for STR's.  They are zero tolerance.  I'd steer completely clear of applying for anything until you have too.  I got shut down its completely based on complaints without any sensible pathway to getting legal.  they've hosted several meeting but it's flooded with Karen's complaining about what ifs..

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Hi there @Terrance35, I just wanted to let you know that we also have Local Host Clubs👈


Perhaps you can connect with local Hosts who might be in similar situation.


I hope this helps!





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