Live in Air BnB Host Gold Coast, (QLD, AUSTRALIA) Council requirements?

Live in Air BnB Host Gold Coast, (QLD, AUSTRALIA) Council requirements?

I am hoping someone can clearly tell me what is required to rent out one bedroom in your own home, for Air BnB.

I’ve asked the GCCC, but they just keep sending me links about applying for the Short Term Rental application, but I’m only wanting to rent out one room in my own home, so I’d be a live in host, which I think falls under Home Based Business?


Does this require a application?

Does this change your GCCC land and water rates? 

Do you need to register with the GCCC?


I cannot find clear answers.


I just need to know what is required for a live in host running a home based business of renting out one bedroom in their own home, in regards to the GCCC, so I don’t end up in trouble.


*I haven’t yet started because I’m not getting clear answers for running a Home Based Business with renting out one bedroom for a live in host Air BnB on the Gold Coast.


Please can anyone help with correct advice/requirements?

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I just received this response from GCCC in regards to using just one room for Air BnB as a live in host, and is why I’m confused:


Air BNB is defined as a “Short-term accomodation” under the City Plan (v9).


This definition applies even when just one room is being rented out by the permanent resident.


The use of an Air BNB is not defined as a Home based business under the City Plan (v9).

As previously advised, the property located at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (address removed) SURFERS PARADISE QLD 4217 is located in the Centre zone.

In reference to the City Plan / Table 5.5.4: Material Change of Use – Centre zone, the use of a short-term accommodation is code assessable.


Thank you for your response and link.


I’d still love to hear from others who have gone through this process.