Lsting does not show

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Amsterdam, Netherlands

Lsting does not show

Hi since a while my listing is not showing anymore. It seems that more people are experience the same issue. I started wondering as I normally receive always bookings when I open up dates, but now since several weeks I do not receive a single impression. Can somebody assist me?

This is my listing:



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London, United Kingdom

@Derk0 Hi Derk - there is a lot more competition than a year or so ago. A lot more hosts. Also, when I look at your calendar it is 99% blocked for the next six months or so. Therefore it will appear much lower down in search results as you look to be booked most of the time. That may account for you not getting reservations for the 10 days or so you have available in Jan.

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Kailua, HI

thats not my problem...,my lsiting is a no show


This site is SO frustrating and BS

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