Neighbors signing a petition against my Airbnb. NEED HELP!

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Neighbors signing a petition against my Airbnb. NEED HELP!

Hi, I have a property in Georgia and the city where we just went live with our Airbnb it is not illegal but I do need to get a permit. There is currently a huge sign outside of the home with the dates of the hearing so all the neighbors can attend. My husband spoke to the neighbors who stated that they just don’t want any Airbnb’s on their street and they’re starting a petition against it and will all be at the hearing. Do we stand a chance? I just don’t understand how they can deny us if it isn’t legal and there hasn’t been any problems besides the neighbors not wanting an Airbnb on the block. Please let me know! 

I also have several bookings in the future so how do I go about that if we do get denied? Please let me know. Thank you!!

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Community Manager
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Hi @Maya500 


Sorry to hear about this.


Have you looked at joining a Local Host Club here to see if anyone else in your area has experienced the same issue?  They may also be able to advise on how to handle things like getting a permit sorted.



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