Property Registration and Legal Permit in India

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Property Registration and Legal Permit in India

Hello all you wonderful hosts in India!

I hope you are having a great time hosting interesting people and shariang exciting experiences!

My question is about legality of hosting a property on Airbnb in India and the permits/registration required to do so. From Airbnb’s website, I understand that hosts are responsible for communicating this with the local government.  I have contacted the Ministry of Tourism office, here in Bangalore, who suggested registration of a property listing for home-stay or bed and breakfasts is not mandatory and establishments can be run without any restriction.

However, after going through the section under Responsible Hosting - Registration of Guests ( ), I believe the regulations in India require maintaining a register for guest check-in and check-out records. Furthermore, there are certain forms like Form C  and Form F , which property and listing details need to be mentioned. This contradicts the statement by the representative from the Ministry of Tourism and the ambiguity still prevails.

I would greatly appreciate if you could share your experiences and advise on how you have gone about the legality of your listing registration, permits and guest records.

Many thanks in advance!

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Can anybody guide with the process of listing my property on airbnb in Lucknow? What are the regulatory requirements? Please assist.




Hi, please keep all details of your premise and all required pics and process all steps given out there and its quite easy

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Each state has their own rules for registering properties for vacation rentals. I will tell the situation in Kerala.  For running small properties, government will provide Homestay Bed and Breakfast License. Your property rooms need specific size and certain amenities for getting the license. A garden is needed, owner should stay at the property(mandatory) etc etc. 


The main advantage of getting a Homestay license is "Your Electricity and Water bill will be charged at Normal home Scale". 


If you are not eligible for the homestay license, still you can run  your business by taking a commercial license from the Corporation for Lodge or Apartment and you can rent out your property on Airbnb. The only disadvantage of this is your ELECTRICITY AND WATER BILL WILL BE  CHARGED AT COMMERCIAL SCALE. 


I am a co-host for multiple listings in Kerala and Tamilnadu. If anyone wanted my service reach out to me on Insta

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Hi @Akhil5 , I am looking to setup my property in AirBnb in Chennai. Would you be able to guide me?

Hi @Ganga11 ,

I'm currently hosting a property in Chennai. I would like to know more about your property. How can I get in touch with you? let me know....thanks 🙂

Pkss help for Airbnb hosting in bhimtal


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Im struggling with this question now as I am a new host.

Can you help me?

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I spoke to the Incredible India (Govt of Tourism) and Tamil Nadu Tourism,  they advised that airbnb is different to BNB and it is not mandatory to get permission for airbnb from the Tourism department. Moreover, you are not doing any commercial activity and just letting the property for short term rent through airbnb portal. It also generates huge revenue as GST for the Government of India. I saw cricketer Yuvraj Singh and Aamir Khan being host of their airbnb property. There is a strong misconception that it is a commercial activity and it is not

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Hi Mansi,

Thanks for raising this.

My conclusion is similar for Maharashtra.

If you read the extract below, you will see that t says 'may participate' not 'must register; 🙂

But it would be a lot easier for all of us if AirBnB were to get official confirmation and removed the sense of uncertainty ...

The issue is that there may be other regulations at state level ...

I read somewhere that Karnataka encourages this kind of business by giving a concession on electricity rates whereas Kerala punishes it with a luxury tax ...


Maharashtra B&B registration

MTDC’s Bed & Breakfast Scheme for Tourist

The Govt. of Maharashtra has vide Urban Development Department’s G.R. No.

thb,u&1097@414@iz-Ø-34@ufo&14] ea=ky;] eqacbZ&3] fn-3-2-1997]

introduced a Bed & Breakfast Scheme through Maharashtra Tourism Development

Corporation Ltd. The scheme is designed to increase the availability of accommodation to both

domestic and foreign tourists. Bungalows, houses, flats owner having lettable rooms of requisite

standards may participate in this scheme.


Documents Required :


  1. Application with D.D. of Rs. 1,000/- in the name of M.T.D.C. Ltd. as a scrutiny fee.
  2. 7/12 abstract.
  3. Property card.
  4. Identification from two local respected persons like S.E.M., Sarpanch, Talathi, Advocate,

Doctor, etc.

  1. Tariff of rooms and menu rates.
  2. NOC from Grampanchayat, Nagarparishad, Nagarpalika, Mahanagarpalika.
  3. Family photo.
  4. Photograph of rooms from inside/outside of the house.
  5. Plan.
  6. Receipt of property tax.
  7. Copy of rationing card.
  8. Copy of electric bill, telephone bill, water bill, etc.
  9. Characters certificate from Police Patil, Police Inspector, etc.


In our survey we found that there are many bungalows, houses, flats at various places like

historical places, pilgrim places, beaches, mountains and jungle area. It is financially impossible

to construct holiday resort at every place. MTDC register those bungalows, houses, flats for use

of tourists and also create self employment for house owner and his relatives.

The scheme is unique concept offering you the opportunity to live with an Indian family

experience the Indian way of life discover a rich culture share the joy de vivre of friendly people.

As a Bed & Breakfast Scheme you are offered a choice of comfortable and conveniently

located accommodation spread across Maharashtra a land of agriculture, Mountainair, beaches,

dense forest, etc. We have registered around 200 houses under the scheme. The list of basic

information to assist you in selecting the host you wish to stay with the tariff is inclusive of Bed

& Breakfast and wide-ranging to suit every budget and preference.


Source -



do we need society noc for bed and breakfast approval 

Yes NOC from society is required for Bnb. U will be using the common areas of the society , lift, water, light, security and other amenities for your benefit. and there should also be an understanding between u and your society about the extra maintaince which u should pay for using these facility. Get all the terms and conditions in written on the letterhead of the society and duly signed.

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. My society is not cooperating with my guest listing on Bnb. I need to talk to you.

Hello Adv Girish Is there a prescribed format to apply for such NOC to the society. Any input on the same will really help to make necessary applications.


Many thanks in advance.