Puerto Rico

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New York, NY

Puerto Rico

Looking to connect with hosts in Puerto Rico.


Please hit me up.


Mainly want to connect with those more experienced who have gone through high/low seasons.


And how they manage to stay on top of the tides.

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Houston, TX

Hi there! This is my first time listing my place in PR.  What's the best way to handle the Room Tax in Airbnb?

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Dallas, TX

Hi Corinne, I happen to live in Dallas haha! Anyway I was just researching this. It looks like Airbnb can automatically collect and pay the required tax for you: 




On a side note, there is evidently also a Hacienda Dept that collects an IVU tax, but supposedly if you register with the Tourism Department with an NAICS code of 721199 you will be exempted because you are only providing lodging, not food service, etc. I assume if Airbnb is paying the tax to the Tourism Dept. that they automatically register you this way.


I add a 7% tax fee to my quote that's what the PR Tourism charges me.
Good luck
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San Juan, Puerto Rico

Hi! I am new on this..... Tourism Company change the airbnb taxes to the guest? And whe I fill my monthly information I dont need to pay?

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