airbnb will not accept our payment?

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Victoria, Canada

airbnb will not accept our payment?

Hi, can someone advise -


We have been trying to complete a reservation for a stay at an airbnb place.  The host is accepting it.  Our Mastercard has lots of room.  The rep at the CC company confirms it is good to go, but airbnb is blocking the payment.  I sent a request for help to the help centre and they do not know why and only suggested that we use Paypal.  We have paypal and have it ready to go but it does not come up as an option to pay.  We are in Canada.


How the heck do we pay?

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Edmonton, Canada

Hi Trish,

I would contact Airbnb by phone :1-855-424-7262 and they should be able to take care of things.



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Algester, Australia

Still not working here in Australia. Tried to use my international credit card and wont accept it. Called them up and they said use another credit card or wait. No thanks. I'll go direct and AirBNB can get stuffed. Not wearing international fees on a local card.

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Klaukkala, Finland

Just yesterday, a scheduled payment went through.

I tried to make an additional reservation with the same card (yes, there is plenty of balance left) and that keeps on checking the payment details for a very long time (22 minutes earlier today, 30 minutes and counting now.

This is really annoying. 

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Klaukkala, Finland

This could have something to do with the bank/CC requiring you to "sign" the transaction with mobile phone.

I added another card that I have not used with AirBnB before and that went through (required me to accept the transaction on mobile).


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Seattle, WA

Wow this is so frustrating.  I called Chase and luckily they were competent enough to tell me that Airbnb did try to charge my card but it wasn't any sort of verification error with the bank.  Airbnb's systems were not pulling an address through (it never asked me for my address!) and thus the 3D secure system was saying it couldn't be verified.  So dumb. 


So I added my address in my profile and added my card to my profile then went back.  Same issue.  You'd think they'd actually verify the card to let you add it to your profile, but whatever.  So then I finally went back and changed my name to be match my credit card name (Tom to Thomas) and it works.  Even though on many other check-out systems I use Tom interchangeably and it's not an issue. 


What a huge loophole and terrible user experience for Airbnb to keep up for what looks like 4 years now!

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Pasig, Philippines

Thank you so much. After a gazillion tries, I followed what you said and it finally went through. My goodness. I called airbnb customer service and they were no help at all.


Thanks again!

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Millbrae, CA

This is exactly the same issue I had. Multiple credit cards, browsers, etc. The error messages were so obscure and even PayPal didn't work for whatever reason (just kept saying "Let's try that again" when I clicked the PayPal button). So thank you for the idea! I've also never had a problem with my legal and preferred variation of my name before so was surprised this worked.

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Brno, Czech Republic


@Thomas2706  Thank you for sharing your experience. It helped me to solve the same issue with payment. I had to fill in my address in airbnb profile (even though it is not mandatory) and than add credit card again to my profile - using the same ZIP code as in the profile address. And suddenly, the payment was processed. So dumb. 

Same problem: "bank is declining your card", bank says, "everything is working fine", bank sets up my CC to accept the charge (no matter what) and I attempt to pay while I have them on the phone, and it still is declined. Airbnb says there are no restrictions on my account prohibiting payment, and they want me to...try another card. I said...people have been trying other cards for 4 years, you haven't solved this yet? They had no idea of this issue??? cmon. I told them, people have tried paypal, people have tried other cards...nothing really works until some mystery is solved (currency, etc...). As a company, this is shameful.

I have same problem. Anything new?

Paying in the currency set by the host seem to sort it for me. A pain in the ass, nonetheless

Apparently Airbnb and PayPal are in cohoots with one another😩 that’s their only solution To customers trying to use cards with more than enough money on them they’re pushing you towards Paypal

GM so is there an actual solution Other than calling the bank is there anyone at Airbnb that has been able to solve this it is March 2021 and I’ve been having that issue for the last several hours

Wow. Clearly they don't want people adding to this as I go an error when trying to add yet another comment about how bad this problem is even now, 4 years after the original post! 🙂


An Unexpected Error has occurred.
- Your request failed. Please contact your system administrator and provide the date and time you received the error and this Exception ID: 37FF74E2.
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Obviously don't like the bad press....

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Sayulita, Mexico

@Kevin1834  No need to jump to paranoid "censorship" conclusions. The forum can be glitchy- we all get those messages from time to time, it has nothing to do with what you've written, unless there's some link or something in the body of the message that the computer algorithm picks up. I often copy my posts so I can repaste them into the box if the message fails to post. 

A quick perusal of this forum makes it obvious that posts critical of Airbnb are allowed to stand unless they violate some forum policy, like profane or discriminatory language.

I tried all four of my Hong Kong credit cards and all declined. I called CC Company they said they approved the test charge of 1 dollar from Airbnb, yet did not receive any further instruction from Airbnb.

I then called Airbnb, and they send my a manual payment message, yet failed. They then said my account was temporarily locked due to too many failure and told me to try again one hour later....

I tried again the next day morning, yet still failed. 

Finally, I changed currency to Chinese Yuan and tried Alipay. Suddenly everything went smoothly. All I need to do was scan the QR code using my Alipay App and approve the transaction. And then, woosh, DONE!

Thanks Alipay! Thanks Jack Ma! 

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Mexico City, MX

Had the same issue, I tried  ALL the solutions posted and none worked EXCEPT: changing the currency to USD (All my 7 cards are in MXN, but none was accepted), once I changed the currency, the payment was approved.

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Cape Town, ZA

Hi what is south africas postal code to do payment

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Raleigh, NC

ANSWER: So I had this problem, tried on app and on laptop, and it wouldn't work. Got it to finally upload a different credit card and successfully pay by using a different computer and logging onto my airbnb account on that. I have no idea why this worked, but all I know is a different IP address that has never logged on to airbnb before works. Hope this helps. 

Myself and my husband have been at this s*** all day and just like you airbnb won't except our payment

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Perak, Malaysia

Its now happen to me right now . I've been trying for two days and try 4 debit cards . No one of them is works.  PayPal doesn't work for me too. Any advise?
They kept showing this 

Let’s try that again
This credit card can’t be added right now. Please wait and try again later. You can also try using a previously added credit card or a different way to pay, such as PayPal.

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