Hey Airbnb hosts, started this list as an answer to a question but it turned up pretty big so im sharing with every one. Hope its helpful to some people and please upvote it if you liked it. 


Here's what I’ve found so far in order to promote my listings:


  1. Build a complete listing, fill in all the available information and be honest, you will probably hurt your future reviews if you lie.
  2. Get verified. If you are into serious business, provide as many verifications as you can (I think you can have as many as 7).
  3. Fill in your profile, have a friendly picture (not one after a metal concert) and write a couple of nice and true things about yourself. A lot of people chose pictures where they are with their significant other, I guess it makes them look friendlier? – that could work too.
  4. Have a competitive and descriptive title (ie. mention some upcoming event in the area) - keep in mind they show up in google, so you might get hitsfrom there. Also mention other selling facts, ie. “close to Subway station”.
  5. Have a competitive price, easy and simple, check what is offered in your neighborhood and, if possible, beat the price of the similar listings that are your competition. Also use the extra charge per person option, have a lower price for 1 person then gradually increase for added guests. Will make your pricing fairer.
  6. Upload many and nice pictures I have an average of 20 per listing, and they were all shot with a good camera and underwent some light editing. Current mobile phones also get great pictures but well, I went all the way. Always consider Airbnb Free Photography service which gets the job done and provides of an extra verification for your profile.
  7. Fill in the pictures titles - have the potential guests spend more time on your listing. Check your main (first) picture, how it appears on multiple devices. It might be a great picture by its self but when cropped by the airbnb layout it may appear worse. Manually crop it or change it. Also, I think 3:4 landscape ratio is the best for Airbnb, it appears well in most devices (except android app that allows portrait view 4:3)
  8. Make sure you offer the basic amenities (I found that spending 30$ on a steam iron and a hair blower was worth it)
  9. Get as many "tickable amenities" as possible, available (ie. a CO detector might cost $10, its probably worth ticking)
  10. Probably worth getting the business ready title (recently got it on one of my listing, can’t say how much it was worth it yet).
  11. Start low. The lower (but fair) the price, the more bookings, the faster you register more trips, the faster you get reviews, the faster you look like a cool host on search results.
  12. Start with low standards. Cheap cleaning fee, friendly cancelation policy, loose house rules etc.
  13. Find a way to afford 1-night stays. Probably are not worth it as much as long stays but having your place available for one night will increase your impressions on search results
  14. Be a good host! Airbnb works with ratings, the more 5star ratings you get the more Airbnb algorithm will like you. Good and many reviews will also attract a potential guest.
  15. Ask for recommendations. Connect your Facebook account, see which ones of your friends have Airbnb accounts and ask them to write a couple of nice things about you. They will fill in the spot until you get some solid reviews.
  16. Don’t cancel confirmed reservations. It does hurt your host rating.
  17. Reply ASAP. Besides convincing Airbnb that you are an active host, I have found that replying within 4-5 minutes to a message surprises the guest and increases their liking towards you as well. Even if you don’t have something to say to your guest, write a quick “Thank you for your interest, I will come back to you with more info ASAP” within less than an hour of the original message.
  18. Reach superhost status, it is supposed to place you under better order on search results, plus gives you a nice badge on your picture, guest have the option to search only superhost listings. There is a special page on your profile (Stats on desktop and Performance on mobile) that tells you how close you are to being a superhost.
  19. Get wish-listed. Not really under your control, but ask friends and guests to add you to their wish-lists.
  20. Allow Instant-Book. It is supposed to increase your search result rankings. I also believe it makes you stand out in the map view, attracting clicks from guests.
  21. According to several posts/blogs around the web, regularly (daily) updating your calendar will make the Airbnb algorithm believe you are an active host and award you a better position. Same thing is rumored to happen if you log in every day and if you daily update the texts of your listings. I don’t know if there’s an official Airbnb confirmation on this but, well, it’s probably worth a couple of minutes of your day.
  22. Be active on the community forums. Again, getting thumbs-ups is supposed to increase how much the Airbnb algorithm likes you.
  23. Look for your listings regularly. I have found out that people sometimes cannot find my listings even in areas/searches when no other listing is available. I try to produce specific searches that would force Airbnb to find my listings and after a couple of times they usually appear to my friends too. That probably is my own idea/conspiracy theory but I’m just adding it here towards the end of the list. Also have people regularly visiting your listings by sharing them your direct links (like mines at the end of the post, under my signature) just to let Airbnb know that we are regularly checking. You can get the links by clicking the preview button on your listing management page.
  24. Promote your listing through Google or Facebook. A cheap, well targeted google or Facebook campaign might get you some fast customers. The return of the investment will be immediate. You can also use more SEO tools, set up a website with unique links to your listings, spam your friends on FB, pay for some clicks probably, I don’t know if it’s worth it and I won’t and get into more detail.
  25. Lastly you can also register with other similar sites competitive to Airbnb. The tools are provided to you in order to migrate listings and sync calendars but I have found that Airbnb is the easiest to use and probably attracts the coolest and politest guests of all.


That pretty much sums up what information I have gathered and tried during the past few months.

A nice round total of 25 tips to promote your listing.

I hope it’s not very overwhelming and that it is helpful for new hosts that want to get in the game!

Also i'd love to hear the opinion of some more experienced hosts. 


Please gimme the thumbs-up if you found this helpful





Harry K.

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Re: 25 tips to get booked!

Willemstad, Curaçao
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CURACAO is a MUST VISIT island. 

Look at this link of 1st Look international program to confirm for yourself : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2v-jArpM34U&t=3s


We have 1 bedroom apartment that is rented with a car. Since Curacao is a car island you need a car to drive around.

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Re: 25 tips to get booked!

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cheers harry! good tips.

By the way you can get a free Carbon monoxide and smoke detector from Airbnb... and it is a very good one. (we received ours within a few days of applying) . https://www.airbnb.co.uk/trust/home-safety.

Re: 25 tips to get booked!

Victoria, Canada
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Thanks for the tips! 
I am not familiar with how people are using Facebook for promo. My personal Facebook page is not the right place as I need to target Airbnb travellers not my friends. Any suggestions?  Are you making a business page on Facebook just for your listing? Thanks for the help! 

Re: 25 tips to get booked!

Alhambra, CA
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Thank you for all these tips!

I’m going to try it on my two listings and see if it works:




If any good samanitarian host could helpe by letting me know how else I can improve these listings, I would appreciate it!



Re: 25 tips to get booked!

Annapolis, MD
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I am trying to get my listing posted and this was incredibly helpful! Thank you for sharing:) 

Re: 25 tips to get booked!

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Thank you so much for posting this, I am a brand new Airbnb host and had no idea about the community here either or that it could also help my listing in the algorithm.  I hope it does and now I intend to be busy here too!


I found your post in a reddit forum about hosting, very happy it led me here.  I've got my first Airbnb guests checking out tomorrow, fingers crossed all goes well and I get a 5 star review!


Sent you a few thumbs ups too!

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