AIRBNB not releasing my pet FEES which now are about $700

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AIRBNB SUCKS!  I charge for dogs and when the guests pays, AIRBNB has yet to pay me the pet fees.   I have called Airbnb 6 times and I get put on perma-hold for hours, disconnected or told they will call me back which has never happened.   I am currently on a call, on hold and have been on the phone for over an hour.  I hate AIRBNB, they suck.  I have much better experiences with VRBO.  Just FYI. 

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Re: AIRBNB not releasing my pet FEES which now are about $700

Lincoln, Canada
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@Karen2983 I don't really understand what you mean by Airbnb not releasing your pet fees. How do you charge them? Are you asking for extra money through the resolution center, and if so, has the guest accepted the charges? I can only assume that this has been going on for a while, based on the amount of money involved. 


If getting guests to pay the fee through the platform isn't working, perhaps consider collecting them in cash when the guest arrives.


Have you tried reaching out to Airbnb on Twitter? I like sending them a message @airbnbhelp. It's easier to lay out all the info there then trying to explain a complex problem on the phone. 

Re: AIRBNB not releasing my pet FEES which now are about $700

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London, United Kingdom
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Hi there @Karen2983


We’re really pleased to share some details with you that were recently announced! In the coming weeks, Hosts will be able to add a Pet fee to their listing. 


We have been listening to Host feedback, just like yours, so please do let us know how you like the new service by sharing your thoughts here on the Community Center once it has launched. 


Thanks again,




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