Acceptable Experiences with horses

Paola, KS
Level 2


I have an approved carriage ride experience and started to add another different carriage ride experience and it was denied by, all I can tell the "ride" portion.  I already have one approved so why does one get accepted and not another?  


Honestly, it is making me reconsider using this platform with these contradicting denials. 


Any horse and carriage experiences out there that can share some tips? TIA

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Re: Acceptable Experiences with horses

Auckland, New Zealand
Level 10

Hello @Lea1989 from across the oceans and lands in Auckland, New Zealand


What a fabulous experience you are offering in a lovely rural location.


Have you searched other Carriage Ride experiences to see what they offer and how they comply?
Maybe reach out and message them and network together with like-minded Hosts & Guest that way.


There is much incredible history about Carriage Rides and as a method of transportation.


All the very best

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Auckland, New Zealand

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