Advance Booking Issues

England, United Kingdom
Level 1

I've got customers wanting to book in Feb and March 2022.  My advance settings are set to "Any Date" but the customers can't book.  Can anyone help? 

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Re: Advance Booking Issues

Leeuwarden, The Netherlands
Level 10


You own 2 listings, the appartment has no available dates at all (it is also not in the search system), but the cottage has availalble dates, also in feb/march 2022. When i simulate a booking it seems to work well. Maybe the guest should provide you more information on the issue they encounter (error-message ?).

Re: Advance Booking Issues

Coimbra, Portugal
Level 2

I have the same problem. I got my booking settings to unlimited but people can only book up to one year head. Also I can’t set my price more than one year ahead. Especially now people are already looking to book next year July and August but not possible. Big unconvience. 

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