Advice to own or not to own a STVR in Palm Springs

New Orleans, LA
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Hello, we are in the process of searching for a vacation rental in the Palm Springs area. I'm quite nervous with all the changes to the laws, and what I've read here from owners who have been struggling with the City. 


The negative for us is we do not live close to PS and we are relying on feedback and advice from others. Is there one city that is more open towards vacation rentals than the others? Palm Desert, Bermuda Dunes, etc. 


Last, I know that some HOA's require a minimum of 30 days for renters. When I look on the host's website and put in dates, the calendar allows me to book less than the 30 days even though the listing says 31 (or 28) day min. Any advice why this is?


Any advice is greatly appreciated. I do have STVR experience but not in this area. 


Many thanks! 

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