^^Age Restrictions at AirBnb^^

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I have an urgent question regarding the booking ages of airbnb. I have read thoroughly the terms and conditions of the resource and fully understand that a person under the age of 18 is not allowed to have an account. However, it does not specifically mention anywhere that It is illegal for one under 18 to STAY at airbnb without supervision of a legal adult. If the parent of an underage student booked the room of behalf of them, and had contact with the homeowner ensuring the responsibility of the student at all times, is it up to the discretion of the homeowner whether they will accept the rental offer? Otherwise, would declining it not be considered bias against age for the reason that it is only specified that under 18s cannot have an account but not specified they cannot rent? 

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Just make it a "house rule".


I did it.




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Re: ^^Age Restrictions at AirBnb^^

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Thank you for your response, however, I am talking about in terms of staying somewhere not hosting. Do you know what to do with that?

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I believe this would fall under the category of a third party booking, which is specifically not allowed on airbnb.  The person who books has to be there for the stay except in specific business setups.  https://www.airbnb.com/help/article/1311/who-can-book-trips-on-behalf-of-someone-else

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