Airbnb Customer Service, epic fail!

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I have been a host for 11 years! A super host without interruption since the programs inception. Airbnb customer service continues to deteriorate. The first line call center cannot handle any problems and say they are referring you to a specialist group. So far, the specialist groups have not gotten back to me in a timely fashion or at all even when my account was hacked and it was time sensitive. When they have, it is with copy and pasted information that I've already read that does not help and a closed reference number. NO HELP!
In this case, I had an abusive guest and loss of property and asked that someone get back to me before her stay was over. Turns out the first line CS person didn't even actually refer it and closed the case without addressing the issue.

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Re: Airbnb Customer Service, epic fail!

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Unfortunately, you'll receive little, if any help from Airbnb. So, the burden is on you to work this out in your best interests. 


You didn't indicate what "mood" this guest appears to be in... are they going to write a bad review no matter what? Or is the relationship salvageable in any way?


Airbnb won't help you with that either. Guests can say whatever they want, and there need not be a word of truth in it. So think through this carefully. 


Confronting guests more often than not results in bad reviews. So if you think some sort of diplomacy might make all things better, then that should be your first approach. 


Otherwise, if you're going to get a bad review anyway, and no help from Airbnb, maybe you might consider just telling the guest to leave? You probably will have to pay the guest back in full. You'll get a bad review. You will be penalised by Airbnb in some way.


No, it's not fair... But if this one is intolerable... 

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