Airbnb closes my account without doing a fair investigation

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Well, my name is Deivis**. My fiancée Marielys and I had an Airbnb account and managed to get superhost status. All excellent with the guests. You can review the reviews of the account which was under the email: **

Marielys and I are the legitimate owners of the account. We have never done or inherited anything to violate Airbnb's terms and conditions. However, Airbnb blocked our account. First on May 10 (later they enabled it) but they blocked it again days later and now they send us an email informing us that it will continue to be blocked.

We would never ever do anything against Airbnb much less violate the terms and conditions. That is why we do not understand how it is possible that they canceled our account. We do not understand the investigation that Airbnb did to keep the account blocked because they did not ask us for any evidence. Nothing at all. We cannot accept it because we are innocent and Airbnb should not condemn innocent hosts and if it does so then it would be an unfair company against itself because the hosts are an integral part of Airbnb.


**[Personal details removed in line with the Community Center Guidelines]

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