Airbnb please improve the features for the house manual and add check-out instructions!!

Mukilteo, WA
Level 2

Disappointed! Personally, I think the "guidebook" should just be renamed "places I'd recommend" because that's all it is. All I can do is link to places with an address. What if I want to provide information about local hiking trail heads or add a personal touch? The house manual is just LAME. It's just a bunch of text. Can't add photos. Can't divide it into sections such as "kitchen" or "where to take the garbage," frequently asked questions. I have a PDF guidebook that covers everything but I can't upload it and can't attach it to your simple messaging system. So, I've been emailing it to guests and this almost always goes into people's spam folders. If Airbnb is driving people to use their App, they need to provide a better product! They need to step up their game!! Kudos for creating a checking in process. Finally!!! But you need to create a "checking out" process too.  Airbnb renters almost never follow my check-out instructions, which is simply to load and start a dishwasher and take out the trash.  And this is common practice with vacation rentals in this area. I'd like to know if Airbnb is looking at the whole picture from booking through exiting the property for both the renter and the host or if they only care about the transactions since that's where they make the money. In this day and age of technology, as both a host and a traveler, I simply expect a better service and product from Airbnb.

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