Airbnb's Subtle Racism - Believing the Confederate White Guys over others

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I have had the worst, unprofessional experience in dealing with Airbnb in regards to my listing and them suspending my account due to an unruly guest that I had to report. I am starting to believe that my experience is due to racism, especially since my guest were two White guys who recently came into my listing and attempted to discredit my listing due to one guest not respecting my house rules and walking around the common space, intimidating guest with an assault rifle, bringing an extra guest they didn't have on the reservation, peeing in my yard, leaving beer cans throughout the house, throwing his middle fingers up at my cameras, etc.

That guest then being able to provide a review after Airbnb canceled their stay, and the guest giving false feedback to a new guest that they knew I had coming on the day he was moving out. The new guest then threatening me to to return his payment due to him canceling the reservation the next day based on the previous guest lies, and that guest being able to provide a false review based per hearsay from the disgruntled guest, after not having stayed at my listing, and instead of believing me, along with all the evidence I provided, Airbnb suspended my account and took the two white guys side in the matter.

I later learned the original guest that Airbnb canceled the stay for after expressing my security concerns, was kicked out of the second home he was staying at on Airbnb, and instead of believing all that I had mentioned, they decided to continue investigating me. Then Airbnb contacted a current guest who had no complaints and wanted to stay at my listing without my knowledge and informed them they had to leave my listing, even after I validated all the information to the 6th Customer Service Rep. that apparently didn't communicate with the first 5 reps of the info I sent 2 weeks prior.

I had provided them all the evidence and information to over 5 representatives for over 2 weeks, and yet they suspended my account for a month, which I was very disappointed as they took the side of the two white guys and let their negative reviews stand. The reviews were clearly biased and suggestive in mentioning illegal behaviors that I constantly informed them was not true, and has never been mentioned from any other guest. The one guest looking to make my listing appear illegal was due to me reporting their illegal, unconcealed weapon in my home

I didn't want to mention the 2 guests Confederate flags, but the BLM flag must have been a lightening rod.

Im disappointed in Airbnb, in taking the side of the white guys in believing them over their black host who has had great reviews from recent stays, and despite another host also having problems with the same guest, and allowing people on the platform who attempts to negatively impact hosts ability to show their listings on the platform per false reviews.

I expect Airbnb to do a better job of protecting host from violent and threatening people and they should not punish host for attempting to provide a space for the usage of the Airbnb Community.

Airbnb - Do Better.... BLM


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Re: Airbnb's Subtle Racism - Believing the Confederate White Guys over others

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@Saam8  I was able to see your three listings in your lovely home so perhaps your listings are no longer suspended. Air BNB does have a knee jerk reaction to suspend a listing if certain allegations are made.  With the exception of the one negative review, your reviews are very positive so I would imagine it won't have much impact on future guests.  Are you planning to write a response to the negative review?  If so, remember the audience for the response is not the guest but with potential guests.  Keep it short and avoid disputing the allegations.  Only report that the guest was not suited to the shared home situation and was asked to leave early or something like that.  Your home looks lovely and your rate seems low as compared to other similar listings.  Good luck!

Re: Airbnb's Subtle Racism - Believing the Confederate White Guys over others

Leeuwarden, The Netherlands
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The 3 listings are in the search system, so they are indeed not suspended (anymore)

Re: Airbnb's Subtle Racism - Believing the Confederate White Guys over others

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Hi @Saam8,


I'm really sorry to hear about that experience. I have passed it on to the Support team.


Thanks for bringing that to our attention. Airbnb is committed to promoting a diverse and inclusive community where everyone can feel safe and welcome, in line with the Nondiscrimination Policy.


I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any other concerns.




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