Airbnb took 7 days to cancel guest reservation due to COVID - cost me $4000

Dundee, OR
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Hi All - I had a frustrating situation this week when a guest complained that part of her group got COVID and they could not come on their 6 night stay to my house (worth $4000 in revenues to me) 48 hours prior to their stay.  Airbnb said they were waiting on her COVID test documents and kept the reservation held for a week, so there was absolutely no chance that I could rebook it.  They paid me for the reservation and then took it back out of my account.  Additionally, airbnb changed the first name on the reservation from NIna to Katrina - probably to match the test results, but could also be the guest using another family members test results??  Anyways, the biggest problem I have is that airbnb knew the guests were not coming to my house whether or not the COVID tests were legitimate and still held the reservation so that I was unable to rebook it for an entire week!  Do I have any recourse?

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