Amenities for Guests?

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Amenities for Guests?

My first investment property in Thailand for Airbnb. Tried to offer as many amenities as possible. I have a gym, golf green, cinema, english pub, rooftop bar, garden bamboo hut, spa, sauna, children playground, coffee / juice bar, arcade machine, pool table, foosball table etc .. Is there anything anyone else can recommend to enhance the customers experience?13e62050-5338-4ba7-8bd7-ca21684e1e13.jpeg97ece164-6f3a-48e7-82cc-c38a6550f75a.jpeg5715ebd9-dd7f-4ada-a054-14d816c937ac.jpeg56193265-c4d7-4ceb-b13a-84fb25ab9477.jpega03513cc-28a6-4c14-8303-f13cfb2f7714.jpeg

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Most of the amenities you list are not ones that would appeal to me - but I am sure would appeal to the type of customer you are targeting.


It sounds like you are targeting large groups so I would say CCTV would be an essential to help prevent parties/guests being anti-social on the premises @Jon3846 


Good luck

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