Aussie Hosts: How do you contact trace?

Deception Bay, Australia
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I host in sunny Queensland and to comply with local health rules I'm required to record the details of anyone who enters my spaces.

I ask my guests to complete a paper, Covid Safe Log and it has been working.. but not all the time. I think I've not been achieving full compliance because the guests have privacy concerns and have been able to see the details of prior guests. To offset this I've started to use a new page of Covid log every week to reduce the exposure of guest details.

I've been worried about using an app for contact tracing because of my privacy and data retention concerns.. and some have a cost. However.. if you host in New South Wales then let out a cheer, your state government has added this feature to the ServiceNSW app [an app for state government licensing and service access].


Lucky NSW Hosts only need to and you will be sent a unique QR code to display inside your property. Guests use the ServiceNSW app and scan your code, their stay is recorded in government servers and deleted according to guidelines. Only tracing teams will have access.


Super cool and secure, I'm so jealous.. and I'll be asking my state government to get onto a similar system! 

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Re: Aussie Hosts: How do you contact trace?

Clare, Australia
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@Scott424 we're lucky in SthAus.

To let you know how they do it here; we have a guest staying for 2 weeks from interstate (so she has to isolate). She had to get pre-approval to come over (which would have been a paperwork nightmare).

A nurse came on day 1 to give her a C -Test. They will re-test near the end of her isolation.

Two police came on day 2 to interview her briefly; they will apparently randomly drop by to check she is home.

Her friends are delivering supplies and leaving them at the gate.

So, it's no problem for the host!

Looking forward to a bit of inter-state normality.

Cheers, Charles

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