Awaiting ID / Payment

Jackson, MS
Level 2

Someone sent a  request to book the place to check in same day or tomorrow and Airbnb is requesting for ID or payment. For same day check-in you need to wait for 8 hours or 12 hours for next day check-in otherwise you need to wait for 24 hours if the person who requested to book will not respond, so literally, your booking calendar is being blocked on those specific time. Airbnb cannot do something to help the host in this regard. When you call Airbnb, they will just tell you to wait for either the guest to respond or wait for the specific number of hours since your booking calendar will just be cleared after 8 hours, etc. Do you think this is a fair practice of Airbnb? Host will be losing the opportunity to get booked by other responsible guests. Anyone who has an idea on how to solve this kind of issue? Thank you.

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Re: Awaiting ID / Payment

Grand Bay-Westfield, Canada
Level 3

I was having the same issue regularly until I changed my booking settings.  I now don't allow same day bookings or 1 night bookings.  Since making this small change,  I haven't had that problem.  @Jo271 

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