Awful Experience - Kissimmee FL Home

Norristown, PA
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We stayed at a house that didn't match the pics, was dirty, furniture was broken and finished with maggots from trash that came into the garage. After taking pictures and complaining to Airbnb as well as the host we were promised a partial refund. Of course the host has gone silent. This group has similar reviews on VRBO as well. I am livid that people would take folks hard earned money and do something like this. So I am making it my business to warn anyone that has used Airbnb as me and my wife has to avoid these hosts.

Avoid any listing with Nova Vacation Homes. They have several homes in Windsor, Champions Gate and other places in that area. I will continue to pursue this until we get a partial refund or Airbnb starts to regulate some of these types of scams.

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