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Hi , This is Saathvik , im a superhost from India , Hyderabad 


I am taking to community centre to raise a recent issue of mine  ,


1) Guests books my place instantly 

2) Guest dosen't answer basic question in the message thread

3) Guest dosen't pick my phone call

4) Guest dosen't confirm the check in time 

5) Guest directly crash lands at your place late at night 

6) Guest is drunk and arrive in more in number than mentioned 

7) Starts being offensive for no reason 


And after all this Mr. @prabhjyot  from the support team cancelled the reservation for the guests on my behalf and tells me that i will also be penalized ???

Can somebody help me with whats going here? Is this how airbnb teats us hosts , especially superhosts ? Are we hosts working hard for just nothing? Never expected. 


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Re: Bad Guests

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@Saathvik0  What was the specific penalty they mentioned? Your listing doesn't appear to have the standard "Host cancelled this reservation" auto-review showing, so it doesn't quite line up with the penalty set for host cancellations. What is standard, though, is that if you refuse to allow the guest to check in (even in a case like this where it's the best thing to do) the guest will be fully refunded and you forfeit the payout. 

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