Bad reviews as retaliation

Friendswood, TX
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It’s high time that Airbnb comes to terms with bad intentioned reviews, and the negative effect they can have on hosts. As we know, Perception is Reality, and the negative comments that guests make, regardless of validity, can have a profound effect on bookings. Airbnb’s stance that they are not mediators is fair enough, but when proof is submitted that a guest is trying to “play the system”, Airbnb should pull up their pants and do the right thing! 

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Re: Bad reviews as retaliation

Arkansas, United States
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I agree. Sooner or later we will all run into someone who gets a thrill out of destroying a perfect record for no legitimate reason.


If the host provides a reasonable answer to a guest’s complaint the negative review should be stricken from the record.


Since Airbnb refuses to arbitrate disputes perhaps we, as hosts, should be able to elect a council of superhosts to act as an arbitration board, with the power to lift suspensions and discredit destructive guests.


If Airbnb continues current policies I see a massive class-action suit coming.  False, malicious and damaging reviews constitute libel, and if Airbnb encourages the perpetrators and provides a platform for their vitriol they may well be civilly liable.

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