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Hi All,

I want to bring your attention to one host who is trying to steal money from me.

The story started around 3 months ago when I made a reservation for ** in Turkey, Istanbul. A week after making the reservation my trip was cancelled to Turkey and I contacted the host about the cancellation as it is only 50% as per policy and he agreed on refunding 70% as I have cancelled long time before my booking dates. First, he promised that the refund will take about 7 to 14 business days as per Airbnb policy, and nothing received, so I contacted him again and he informed me that as per Airbnb support I am supposed to get the refund on the 10th of August 2018, and nothing received also at taht date. Again I contacted him twice before I got a response from him and before getting a response from him I received an email from Airbnb stating that a refund was issued by the host on 25th of August  2018 (he was laying and did not make the refund when I first requested it)  for the amount of 30% of the total cost and I will be getting it by the 3rd of September 2018 and when I contacted the host requesting for clarification I was surprised of his attitude and response, as he is calming that he made me a favor by making the refund of 30% as I am not supposed to get anything and requested me not to contact him again.

I don’t know if Airbnb will help me on this case or not, but I am writing it for you in order to be very careful when deal with these host **[HOST] and I am attaching a snap of my conversation with the host on Airbnb for you info.





 **[Title updated]

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Re: Be aware of the Host Emilio And Marian from Turkey, Istanbul

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@Ala9clearly this is fustrating for you,


firstly,  remember the host doesn't have to give more than their own cancellation policy, anything they give above that, is an nice extra, and should be treated as such, this is a individual person giving you back money, not a company.


Also a host can only refund the % of the money they recieve off airbnb, keep in mind that what you paid to airbnb is not what the host receives. All service fees go straight to airbnb and your host has no control or ability to get them back to you.


A Host agreeing to give back a 70% is an indiviual giving you back more than they have said they would. While the company (airbnb) is giving you back nothing... Remember they keep the fees.


If you want to make up the differance between the money you have got back vs the money you paid, i think your anger should be directed at airbnb, who have access to a lot more money than a host does, but has given you back nothing.


(The money came back via airbnb, but they didn't give you any of their portion back...)

Re: Be aware of this Host from Turkey, Istanbul

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Unfortunately, there are good and bad people in every country

If I were, I would give back all the money
because if two people are not satisfied with the two sides, there is no point in speaking
Everything should not be money

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