Booking Not on Calendar

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My requestor is on the confirm and pay page. He has tried 3 times to do his request. Each time the payment is more expensive. Now it won’t show up on the calendar at all. Not sure what to do. Any ideas how to help him? 

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Re: Booking Not on Calendar

Leeuwarden, The Netherlands
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It is allways difficult to help the other party, as you can not see what they are  doing or what is on their  screens. If they can not fulfill the booking process, they better contact Airbnb.

If the "special offer" option is available, you can sent the booking to them by yourself.


If the guests states "dates won’t show up on the calendar at all", you can easily check yourself if the desired dates are available to book. Or maybe the booking request did come in already and now waiting for your acceptance ?


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