Booking cancellation error

Lahore, PK
Level 1

Hi, I have got a confirmed booking for tomorrow even though I did not accept it and since the guest demands doesn’t match my space I need to cancel the booking but while cancelling it says the host must call to cancel in progress reservations. Need an instant solution

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Re: Booking cancellation error

Sayulita, Mexico
Level 10

@Suliyman0  The solution is to do what you were advised to do- call Airbnb to cancel it, stating that you are uncomfortable with the booking, as the guest has made demands which do not fit with your listing.


There is no error- "confirmed booking for tomorrow even though I did not accept it"-  If you want to be able to approve reservations before they are confirmed, you need to turn off Instant Book.


And if the booking is for tomorrow, it isn't an "in progress" reservation. In progress means the guest is already staying in your place.

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