Booking made, but was for her friends, but this was not clear when booking. How can I report?

Glasgow, United Kingdom
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It does not sound so bad, but as it all unravelled I realised the girl who had booked was not actually coming, and this caused a lot of stress becuase I had no contact with the guests who were coming to my home!

I only knew this after I tried to contact her at 1am, when they should have already been at my house. And there was no reply through airbnb, or the phone number given. 


I was away, so a friend was waiting up for a text from them around midnight and was going to cycle round to give them keys . I was paying her for an hour. We were expecting them to arrive by 12.30am as they said their flight arrived to Glasgow at 11.45am... By 1 am there was still no word from them. I checked online and their flight arrived at 11.33am (BUT from another airport OUTSIDE Glasgow) They said they would text my friend when they were in a taxi, but never got in touch till much much later! I was up late worrying, trying to contact through airbnd and the number given, and my friend too waiting to hear from them.

I had told my friend at 1.15am to turn her phone off, and I sent a message through airbnb to tell the guests to collect the key in the morning. I didn't want to put my friend out too much and it was ridiculous that we couldn't contact them, and we hadn't heard from them either. They might not have been coming for all we knew. It's only polite if arriving later than expected to let you host know. It was very strange, and frustrating at this time in the night!


I got a message at 7am when I woke up, that it was all sorted and they got the key at 4AM! My friend was nice and left her phone on. I think they are young inexperienced travellers and they decided to take ublic transport and got lost on the way. I also got a reply from the girl that booked, saying she was asleep when we contacted her and was not travelling with them, and she was laughing about it, saying they just got lost and maybe their phones weren't working. That's totally not fair, as it put me and my friend in a difficult situation! 

 I will have to pay my friend for a few hours (almost the same as their night!) and apologize as it was not a straighforward job for her. She had work the next day!! And she may not want to help me again.


What can I do about this?


They were also pretty messy and left food and mess in my Kitchen.


I will obviously write a review, but can I claim compensation for this? And can I report them?


Thanks! They were not even in touch to ask when they had to leave, they were not in touch with me at all actually apart from when they wanted to know information about the flat and directions before they came.  They have gone now, but I have their mess to clean up!


Thank you for reading! And thanks in advance for any advice you can give.






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