Can't depart due to inclimate weather

Picture Rocks, AZ
Level 2

It just occurred to me during monsoon season in Arizona that potentially a guest may not be able to depart our AirBnb campsite due to flooding rains in the area.


Do you just let them stay free or should they be charged?  Just wondering if anyone has dealt with people refusing to leave for any reason.

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Re: Can't depart due to inclimate weather

Leeuwarden, The Netherlands
Level 10


If these weather conditions are a common issue in your area, then the guest can ask to extend his reservation ("change"option, if possible and agreed by you) and be charged as useal. Or the guest has to leave at check-out date.

If it is an "extenuating circumstance" , maybe you better contact Airbnb for advise and also the guest need to contact their travel insurrance.

Re: Can't depart due to inclimate weather

Arizona, United States
Level 3

In our community in the mountains of central Arizona, the monsoons tend to be afternoon to overnight, but it’s typically pretty calm during the morning check-out hours. A guest should be able to look at the weather forecast (which, yes, can change on a dime here in the mountains) and be able to make an educated guess on when they should be able to depart safely before the next downpour or snow storm. If we are under a flash flood warning, I would let them stay for free, if possible, until it’s lifted. 

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