Can't see guest's text replies

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Hi! A guest recently advised me that he received an SMS, which appears to be an automated copy of a message I sent to him on the Airbnb app.  He was able to reply to this SMS, only it's not from my phone number so I can't see this reply.   Is there a way this feature can be turned off? Why allow people to send a reply that their host can't see??

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Re: Can't see guest's text replies

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If he received the SMS as  message that you sent via Airbnb, he's may be trying to respond to the Airbnb notification. I suggest that you message him via Airbnb Messaging.


If the guest has a confirmed booking, the your phone number will show there.

Re: Can't see guest's text replies

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Yes that's correct and I've maintained contact on Airbnb since.  My concern is: How do I prevent people from replying to the notification, not realising that I have no way of seeing their reply? I could add a note to my initial message asking that they don't reply to the notification, but that seems confusing and unnecessary. 

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