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Växjö, Sweden
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Hi Airbnb! 

I recently wanted to get in contact with one of the hosts that is active here on Airbnb. I made a booking to get in contact with the person but now I have passed the 48 hour rule to cancel the booking and can't receive my money back. The host wishes to cancel it for me too, but if he makes the cancellation his score will go down. Is there any way we can work this out so that I can cancel this missunderstanding and receive my money back? 

This is the host: 

Im currently not logged in but my account is connected to : **

Kind Regards

/ Nicklas


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Re: Cancel booking

Lincoln, Canada
Level 10

@Nicklas5 You want to cancel the booking, or your host does?

If your host is requesting cancellation, they must take care of it themselves regardless of the penalties. 

If you want the cancellation, you can cancel and then the host can refund you if they are happy to do that. I would make sure that they agree to the refund in writing in the Airbnb message stream. They cannot refund Airbnb service fees, though: only any fees they would have been paid if you stayed with them. 

Re: Cancel booking

Sayulita, Mexico
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@Nicklas5   You should never send a booking request if all you want to do is ask the host a question. When you send a booking request, as soon as the host clicks on "Accept", you will be charged for the booking. Sending a booking request indicates that you are ready to commit to booking those dates.


If you just want to ask some questions, you need to send an Inquiry instead. To do that, you click on the "Contact host" that appears right under their listing description. You still have to enter dates, but it doesn't obligate you in any way. Even if the host pre-approves you, that just lets the guest go on to book, but you don't get immediately charged, you have to take the initiative to actually book it.


Hope you and the host can work this refund out.

Re: Cancel booking

Paris, France
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Hi @Nicklas5 ,

The host cancelation policy is strict term with no refund after 48 hours.

You stated that, 

                                “ The host wishes to cancel it for me too...... “ 

Do request him to contact the Airbnb Support Help Center,  acknowledge to the team to cancel the booking on behalf of Airbnb, and make the complete refund to you. Do note that the Airbnb fee is not refundable. 


Hope you can resolve the issues.


Dale and Dan

Re: Cancel booking

Bristol, United Kingdom
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It's a little odd @Nicklas5  that you would  make a booking just to get in touch with the host, when you could just have sent them an inquiry.


And having made it that you didn't you cancel it during the 48 hour cancellation free period when you had the opportunity to do so.


Anyway, the only way to resolve this is for you to call Airbnb explain your error and ask Airbnb if they can work with you and the host to achieve a penalty free cancellation for the booking, however you may lose the Airbnb fee.

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