Cancellation due to covid

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My friend and I were booked to stay at 'Contemporary Brighton studio hosted by Rachel' 2-4 July.


Sadly we had to cancel this as one of my household became covid positive on 29/6 and I have therefore been legally required to self-isolate.


Consequently we had to cancel our stay. We have only been refunded the cleaning fee however I think we are entitled to a refund as it would have been illegal to travel.


Please can you advise?


Many thanks.


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Re: Cancellation due to covid

La Quinta, CA
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While earlier in the pandemic, Air BNB issued refunds for the unforeseen travel restrictions due to covid, that is no longer the case.  It is now seen as an aspect of the travelling situation that should be addressed with individual travel insurance.  You didn't happen to have that did you?  Other personal extenuating circumstances are still considered and require proof.  Of course you did the right thing not to travel when exposed to covid, but without travel insurance, you might not be able to recoup your fees.  

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