Cancellations and Super Host Status

Sealevel, NC
Level 2

I have my condo for sale and the sale wasn't supposed to happen until mid January.  The closing date has been moved up to December 22nd.  I have a booking for the last week of December and the new owner is not going to be renting out this condo and will not honor my booking.  Will I lose my status if I cancel this booking due to the selling the condo?  I don't want to lose my status because we will have a new Airbnb opening in February.

Benanne Stiens
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Re: Cancellations and Super Host Status

Alberta, Canada
Level 10

@Benanne0 Worse than losing the Superhost badge is having the cancellation review attached to your profile. It will put future guests off of booking with you, if they see it. It's possible, though less likely as it will only show on your profile, not any of your new listings. One thing you can try is contacting the guest and explaining the situation. Offer to fully refund them, plus their Airbnb service fee and a sum in the neighborhood of $100 (or more) for their inconvenience, if they will cancel. It's worth a shot. You will pay Airbnb a monetary penalty anyway, if you cancel.

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