Cancelling stay that I booked 5 hours ago

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I am having a bit of a struggle regarding a booking I made 5hours ago in Llanca, Spain. It was my first time booking an apartment without any reviews but I've been having a difficult time looking for accommodation for the past week. The last options I booked:
1. Cancelled by host because the price was incorrect
2. Host expected me to pay of towels and linens as well as clean up the apartment afterwards with sanitiser that she would provide. Note, cleaning before entry was also done by previous guest. No professional cleaning done at all.

3. Host cancelled because dates were already taken.

So it left us with little choice. I was really nervous about the booking because of the lack of reviews so decided to see if the listing was available on external sites and provided any reviews and to my horror I found a bunch of terribly poor reviews:
1. Apartment L'Olivar II, Llança – Updated 2022 Prices (
2. Apartamento L'Olivar II in Llançà ES9401.438.1 | Interhome (this is their own website)

I am feeling really uncomfortable about staying here as we are there for the 8 day period with two kids for almost EUR1000. I would like to cancel however the policy is non-refundable which I think is unfair on Airbnb's side, given that the listing doesn't earn that right because of the lack of reviews. Can someone help me figure out what my options are? Cheers

Some info about us:
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Re: Cancelling stay that I booked 5 hours ago

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Hi @Laurelle-and-Vaidas0 ! It's been a while since you posted now, did you manage to get it solved or find some good advice for next steps?



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Re: Cancelling stay that I booked 5 hours ago

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@Laurelle-and-Vaidas0   I had a quick look at both the links you provided and note that they do not appear to have had any more reviews since September 2020.  It is possible that they have taken a break,  most likely due to Covid amongst other things, and they may have taken the opportunity as so many others have, to make improvements.  If it is a new listing on Airbnb have you compared all the photographs between the three different listings and are they all the same?

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