Change of contract

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Change of contract

My reservation was set in March 2022, and I verified the price twice with the host and Airbnb of $424 which I paid for. In October they raised the price to $3500 for a trip in Nov 2022. They then cancelled. 

i would like to be transferred to the Manager who gave me a refund on the Lady Lake reservation - You changed the contract price on me and did not honor the contract price. Saying that you made a mistake. You then issued me a credit of $200 - I used that credit to make a reservation but I had to cancel it because my son is in the Military, and they changed the days we will be coming back to the USA. The representative has said the I cannot get that credit back now. I will be contacting a lawyer and I want to know the address and phone number of your legal team


I will contact: 


**[Sensitive information removed in line with the Community Center Guidelines]


Any tips ?

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Community Manager
Community Manager
London, United Kingdom

Hi there @Laurie665, I have now passed this on to the team so that they can look into this. 

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