Cleaners - When to 1099 Them

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For hosts in the US:
If you don’t utilize a cleaning company for your cleans, and manage a couple of cleaners yourself (who are not your employees, not official contractors, and prefer under the table pay), are you required to 1099 them?
We only have a few properties so we just file them on with our personal taxes (not a separate company).
I’ve been asking around with friends and so far been getting very mixed answers. Some say you definitely have to or risk owing their unpaid taxes, and some say it’s not required because we’re only filing them on our personal taxes.
We would prefer not to have to 1099, but also don’t want anything to ever bite us in the ass later! 


TYIA for any guidance!
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Re: Cleaners - When to 1099 Them

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so if you are paying someone to clean and someone to stock for you Do you have to do a 1099 for them if paying them more than $600 for the year ?  or a W2   Thank you   Sandi173

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