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Hi,  I am wondering if anyone has ever experienced a situation where you have received a confirmed booking from Airbnb and then 1 day prior to the guest arrival you receive another message  from airbnb stating that airbnb has had trouble collecting money from the guest for the booking dates and that the host can cancel if they wish without penalty?  This raises many concerns for me as I thought that once a confirmed booking is received that payment has been made from the guest.  Has anyone experienced this before?

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Re: Confirmed bookings

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Yes sadly with some last minute bookings payment doesn't go through 


definitely if the payment hasn't gone through ask Airbnb to cancel @Kim2971 

Re: Confirmed bookings

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Hi Helen,


Thank you for your reply...much appreciated.  I wonder what the definition of last minute is by airbnb.  This was booked 2 days in advance, however, it was on a weekend so perhaps that matters.


Your response does help me understand but I did feel some lack of trust of a confirmed booking once I received the message that they have not collected payment.



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