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Hi I would like to find out with regards to cancellation due to testing positive for Covid-19, I was suppose to check in today and can not travel due to travel requirements of a negative Covid-19 test. The place where I was suppose checked in has a no refund policy. What can I do to get some refund?

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Re: Covid-19 Cancellation

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The "extenuating circumstances policy" (which provides refund if guest is infected by COVID, documentation of this must be available ) only applies if the reservaton has not yet started.


If reservation has already started, the cancellation policy attached to it applies and will automatically calculate the refund (if any) when you cancel.


Only option left if no refund: ask the host for a (voluntary)  refund.


Re: Covid-19 Cancellation

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Hi @Arno204


I hope you're well! We've announced some changes to the Covid Extenuating Circumstances policy recently, so I wanted to follow-up on the information @Emiel1 shared above to make sure you were aware of those changes for any future stay you might be planning:






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