Covid lockdown Australia

Toowoomba, Australia
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I recently had a booking arriving at 4pm & at noon I heard about the SE Qld government lockdown that had happened overnight. I sent them a message that they cancel & I would give them a refund. They stated they were coming. They were breaking the law and as such should have stayed until the lockdown ended as the law requires but left to return home after 2 nights, breaking the law twice.
is there a way for hosts to cancel last minute in such a situation without incurring penalties or bad reviews?

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Re: Covid lockdown Australia

Leeuwarden, The Netherlands
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If you cancel and give refund of the renting costs, the Airbnb Guest Service fee is not refunded. So you can not give a "full refund".

But the risk of breaking the law is on the shoulders of the guests. hopefully they have  'Travel insurrance" to cover expences because they have to cancel the reservation.

"travel issues" related to COVID restrictions are not covered anymore by Airbnb's "extenuating circumstances policies".

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