Extenuating Circumstances Penalty

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I hope we can get some help here, because we have been greatly let down.

We had a guest checking in yesterday the 1st of February '22.

After the check in we received a message that there was no electricity in the

property. We immediately contacted the supplier and they informed us, that

the had a problem with the supply. 


We then agreed with the guest, since the company could not tell us, who long

the disruption would last, that we mutually agree to cancel the booking and

issue a full refund for their convenience.


We called Airbnb support the next day ie this morning to inform them about 

what happened with the electricity supply and a very helpful support team

member informed us, not to worry, that these are Extenuating Circumstances,

that he had cancelled the booking, issued the guest with a full refund and

freed the calendar, so there would be no problem and penalty due to the

Extenuating Circumstances and we could host other guests now, since the

power supply was working again. All very well competent and correct.


Then 1 hour later we received suddenly a message from another support

person, telling us that our property has now been delisted, we have been

charged a penalty for cancelling the guest and that our account will soon

be removed????


We have consistently 5 star ratings and the issue had been resolved for

all parties involved already by a competent member of the support team

and then we get suddenly this, threatening message as we had done something

wrong..Is this normal??


We have complained about this, but are being completely ignored now??


Thank you for your help in this matter.

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Re: Extenuating Circumstances Penalty

England, United Kingdom
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@Patrick2397 An extreme response from Airbnb. Looking at your reviews your place is in central London. I wonder if the actual problem is to do with the rental limitations in London. Or it could be that Airbnb find an extended power cut in central London a bit weird. It is not as if the lines have been damaged by trees in a storm.

Re: Extenuating Circumstances Penalty

Online Community Manager in
London, United Kingdom
Online Community Manager

Hi @Patrick2397


I'm really sorry to hear you've ran into these issues! I've checked with the team and it looks like someone has followed-up with you already and a resolution was reached yesterday. Is that correct? If you need any further help, do give us a shout please. 🙂 





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Re: Extenuating Circumstances Penalty

Pula, Croatia
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Dont fight it,it is apsolutely normal,and you will ask and ask for the reason,solution...they will bounce you untill you give up,and if i doesnt work,"It is their decission,and nothing is going to change it",so,calm your self,because you will continue to ask,and the discontent will grow,you will find your self ofended,and no mather if you have all the facts,evidence in any form and everything makes no sence...have your self in mind and your buisness,your guests curent and future ones.

I wish it doesnt go that way but ass is now I feer the worst scenario.

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